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Ninety-nine Stormtroopers join the Empire, and then their troubles begin. One takes a lunch break in the carbon freezing chamber. Two underestimate a princess. One picks the wrong time to ask for a promotion. Another fails to show Jabba the proper respect. And one interrupts Lord Vader's private time.  A lifelong Star Wars fan, Greg Stones brings a playful wit and sympathy for the plight of the troops as they meet their amusing ends, filling each colorfully painted scenario with fun Star Wars details and appearances by Han, Luke, Chewie, K-2SO, and many other characters. As the trooper count ticks down, how will the last one fare as he receives a very special assignment?
Officially licensed by Lucasfilm and Disney
Everybody needs a backup plan, especially when you lose your favorite toy.

When Max loses his favorite toy—Bunny—his clever mom brings out the "backup bunny"—Fluffy—to save the day. Fluffy is thrilled to have the chance to play with Max, but is soon rejected by the observant child who notices that his ears are too new and perky. Can Fluffy find a way into his favorite boy's heart?
The Backup Bunny will keep you laughing and inspire you to make room for another favorite story.  Written by Abigail Rayner and illustrated by Greg Stones. 

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An illustrated list of the things that zombies hate, don't mind, and really hate.

An illustrated list of the things that penguins hate, like, and really hate.


Do you think that it is easy being a zombie?  IT IS NOT!  This book illustrates the many issues faced by the living dead every single day. 


An illustrated list of the many obstacles that stand in the way of a sock monkey's happiness.

An illustrated exploration of a ninja attempting to be awesome and failing at every turn.
Let's face it: Being a garden gnome is difficult.  This book will show you why.

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