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Custom Paintings

Do you want me to paint you something?  I WILL PAINT YOU SOMETHING!  I will gladly paint your house or your pet, or anything involving penguins, zombies, hedgehogs, sock monkeys, rabbits, cats, dogs, robots, ninjas, garden gnomes, or Bigfoot.  Or any other weird, quirky thing that you can think of.  The only things I will not paint?  Human portraits, cars, and large scale sports events.  Not my thing.  And though I did create a Star Wars book for Disney, I am not licensed to use their characters outside of that one book.  Thanks!

The current wait time for a custom painting is between 1 week and 1 month.


4" x 6" (framed 8" x 10") : $150 - $200
5" x 8" (framed 11" x 14") : $225 - $300
6" x 9" (framed 11" x 14") : $325 - $400

Contact me at with your request.

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